Welcome to RPS!

The Rare Poultry Society is comprised of dozens of chicken enthusiasts who are dedicated to producing quality poultry and preparing wonderful food with it!

Our Values:

We believe whole-heartedly that all forms of chicken-keeping should be done with the animal’s welfare as a priority. Chickens are prey animals who are highly sensitive to environmental changes, in order to keep them ethically.

The RPS is understand that keeping chickens on an industrial scale can lead to negative effects on the environment, however we believe that it is possible to keep a small number of animal and remain carbon-neutral. We aim to support and promote environmental keeping of chickens where possible.

Although the popularity of animals is arguably at an all-time high, the keeping of chickens is a past-time that is not rising in line with trend. We aim to promote the inherent values of keeping chickens, so that more people choose take up this rewarding hobby and our traditions can continue to develop.

In line with the last note, one of the main purposes of this site is to share information about keeping chickens with the view to supporting new and continuing chicken keepers in all of their endeavours.